Trichome Gardens

Whether seeking a powerful concentrate or a discreet transdermal patch, Trichome Gardens has you covered.

“Providing a higher quality of life.”

Trichome Gardens is preceded by more than ten years of research and development.

In 2008, Trevor McDonald earned a federal license under the Designated Grower Program with the hopes of being able to help a family friend with all holistic medicine. At the time, the cannabis industry was immensely complicated. The political minefield changed invariably so the team embraced flexibility and dedication.

The team stayed true to their mission: breaking the stigma attached to medical cannabis with a selection of premium products. Today, Trichome Gardens continues to deliver a robust menu of hemp and cannabis-derived medicine. The team hopes to see more people in the community versed in the myriad of ways they can integrate cannabis into their life.

Process and Products


Trichome Gardens cultivates strains of cannabis pheno-hunted throughout the globe and sources organic hemp grown in Canada. After harvest, some buds are cured while others are used for extraction.

Trichome Gardens employ several methods of extraction each wielded to achieve a specific texture or potency level. Their techniques include, but are not limited to ethanol, hydrocarbon, CO2, fractional distillation, and rosin press. Lastly, the extraction artists use pure THC distillate or CBD isolate infused directly into various carrier oils for their topicals.


The Trichome Gardens’ lexicon includes flowers, concentrates, and medical products. Every bud is covered in glistening, resinous trichomes and deliver a smooth burning toke with every hit. Those looking for something stronger can check out Trichome Gardens’ shatter, rosin, distillate, and CO2 oil, or have relief on the go with a vape pen.

Trichome Gardens offers a large selection of smoke-free options, but are most recognized for their capsules. Their capsules come in a variety of THC and CBD levels and are formulated with extra virgin coconut oil and cannabis oil containing the full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Or folks can opt to experience THC or CBD with tinctures, topicals, suppositories, transdermal patches, or even water-soluble mouth sprays.

Lab Testing

Trichome Gardens is proud to offer products lab tested by MB Labs, a federally accredited lab on Vancouver Island. All products are tested for cannabinoid content, and Trichome Gardens submits random tests for mold, mildew, pesticides, and residual solvents.